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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

June 22, 2024


  • Copies of the proving documents shall be certified for conformity with the originals by signature, legibly writing the name, by the persons who are, according to the law, authorized to fill out and sign the application.
  • In case of non-resident natural or legal persons, the documents shall be submitted in original or authenticated copies and the translation thereof, by an authorized translator whose signature is authenticated by a notary public; in case these documents are official, as defined by the Convention on the suppression of the request to certify foreign official documents, adopted in Hague on October 5th, 1961, they shall be presented in apostil form for the states signing or binding the Convention, namely in super legalised form by all other states. The apostil and super legalised forms do not apply for the documents drawn up in states with which Romania has concluded conventions/treaties/agreements providing no obligation for super legalised forms.
  • The documents whose registration, amendment or publication is requested at the trade register office attached to the law court shall be drawn up by the applicant in Romanian, shall be legible, without deletions or additions, under the sanction of rejection thereof.


AMENDMENTS - Legal Persons
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