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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

December 05, 2023


  • The legality of the merger shall be examined by the law court, notary public or other competent authority of the member state where the future registered office of the European Company (SE) shall be situated. The competent authority shall issue a document attesting the conclusion of the documents and pre-merger formalities. In Romania, the competent court is the one where the registered office of the acquiring company (SE) or set up company (SE) is situated.
  • Each of the merging companies shall submit to the authorities mentioned above (from the state where SE shall establish its registered office) the certificate attesting the conclusion of the documents and pre-merger formalities in 6 (six) months from its issuance by the authority of the other member state, as well as a copy of the draft terms of merger approved by the company in question.
AMENDMENTS - Legal Persons
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