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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

December 05, 2023


Evidences of payment of contributions to the share capital may be submitted, as appropriate:

  • for cash contributions: deposit slip, payment order or receipt from CEC Bank etc.;
  • for contributions in kind subscribed to the share capital: ownership title attesting that the partners/shareholders are the holders of the ownership right for the contribution in kind to the share capital and the expertise report regarding the evaluation of the contribution in kind drawn up by the authorized persons, in compliance with the law (copies);
  • for the contributions in liquid and chargeable debts, owned by partners or shareholders of the company, constituted by full and simultaneous subscription: debts title (bill of exchange, bank or civil loan agreements etc.), expertise report (copies), report of administrators and financial auditors;
  • for increasing the share capital by incorporation of reserves, benefits or of share premium shall be also submitted: the balance sheet  or, as appropriate, the trial balance certified by the authorised persons, pursuant to the law, and the report of financial auditors and administrators in case of public limited company (SA) and partnership limited by shares (SCA). 




AMENDMENTS - Legal Persons
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