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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

June 14, 2024



  • The General Assembly/ sole shareholder decision shall include the following: the heading of the company, number and date, authorized persons signatures; where the modifying document is an addendum in authentic form, the General Assembly decision (which is the basis of the addendum) shall not be filed. In the head note shall be specified the manner of convening the General Assembly, as well as the fulfillment of validation conditions for the decision, in compliance with legal or statutory provisions. 
  • The modifying document can be authenticated by a public notary/can be certified by an attorney in compliance with Law no. 51/1995 as amended/ can include granting a definite date by the public notary or by the assistance department of the trade register office/can be concluded under private signature; the authentic form of the modifying document is mandatory for general partnership and limited partnership. 
  • In case of autonomous administrations and cooperative organizations, instead of documents mentioned above, shall be submitted the following, as appropriate:
    • Board of directors decision, approved by the competent ministry, for autonomous administration of national interest, and for the autonomous administration of local interest, the decision approved by the local public administrative authority (original);
    • decision of the statutory body for cooperative companies (original);
    • for credit cooperative organizations: the General Assembly decision of the cooperative members or the modifying addendum checked by the authorized bodies in compliance with the law, where appropriate (original).
  • For publication in the Official Gazette of Romania, the General Assembly/ sole shareholder/ Board of directors/ statutory body decision shall be also submitted as a copy, having enclosed the characters counter signed by the applicant.




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