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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

June 21, 2024


  • By irrevocable court decision, the court also decides regarding the structure of participation to the share capital of the other partners.
  • In cases when by irrevocable court decision is not also decided regarding the situation of the contribution to the share capital of partners/shareholders remained in the company, upon request shall be attached, as appropriate: the decision of the General Assembly of Shareholders remained in the company (original) or the modifying addendum (original) attesting the new distribution of the contributions of shareholders/partners to the share capital (total value, number of parts of share capital, participation rate to benefits and losses), the updated Articles of Association, the statement of own responsibility of the sole partner or, as appropriate, of the new administrators and/or of the active partners of the limited partnership attesting their fulfilling the legal conditions for having such qualities (original). In case the amending document is an addendum in authenticated form, the decision of the General Assembly that represents its base shall not be submitted.
AMENDMENTS - Legal Persons
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