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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

June 21, 2024



Documents required for registration in the trade register of the amendments or the strikes off regarding sole traders, sole partnerships and family partnerships:

Information note on the processing of personal data

  1. Application for registration, checked on item 7.6. “temporary suspension of activity” - application form;
  2. Statement of own responsibility attesting not carrying on any activities during the temporary suspension period (model 3) - Note of item 6.
  3. Certificate of status released under art. 171 paragraph (1) – b of Law no. 359/2004 attesting the registration of the statement of own responsibility which proves that the firm complies with the operating requirements, specific for each public authority, namely those provided for by the specific legislation in the field of food safety and sanitary-veterinary protection, environment protection and labour protection for the stated activities, original.



  • Settlement of the application lies with the director of the trade register office attached to the law court and/or the appointed person or persons who may dispose submission of proving documents other than the ones already specified.
  • Forms are available at the trade register offices.
  • The application for registration, the documents provided for by law, filed and numbered, shall be submitted by the applicant directly at the trade register office attached to the law court, by post, with declared-value letter and notice of receipt or by electronic means. The application sent in electronic form, through the online services portal or through the electronic mail, shall have the qualified electronic signature incorporated, attached or logically associated. If the documents are sent by post, the applicant's identity document shall be attached, as a handwritten photocopy  certified by the owner regarding the conformity with the original.


This leaflet is intended to serve as a general guide to professionals regarding their obligations and the legal formalities that need to be fulfilled in order to register in the trade register.

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