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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

December 01, 2022



Assistance services:
- Drawing up documents, obtaining the authentification or, as appropriate, granting the definite date, providing assistance for correctly filling out the application for registration may be carried out, against of a fee, through the assistance services of the trade register office attached to the law court.
- In order to schedule an appointment for the activity of assistance:  programari@ (indicative of the county ex. tl)

Legal references:

Law no. 26/1990 - on trade register, as republished and subsequently amended and supplemented;
Law no. 359/2004 - regarding the simplification of registration formalities in the trade register of natural persons, family associations and legal persons, their tax registration, as well as the authorization of legal persons in order to operate, as subsequently amended and supplemented;
Law on companies no. 31/1990 – as republished – and subsequently amended and supplemented;
Law no. 161/2003 regarding certain measures for ensuring transparency of public dignitaries, public positions and within the business environment, corruption prevention and its sanction, as subsequently amended and supplemented, Title V – Chapter I, regarding Economic Interest Groups;
Law non agricultural cooperation no. 566/2004 - as subsequently amended and supplemented;
Law no. 1/2005 on organization and functioning of cooperation, as subsequently amended;
G.E.O. no. 116/2009 for implementing some measures regarding the registration in the trade register, approved with modifications and completitions by Law no. 84/2010 as subsequently amended.



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