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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

July 23, 2019


Draft normative acts in debate


In compliance with art. 7 of Law no. 52/2003 on decisional transparency in public administration, as republished, the Bill on the trade register, drawn up by the National Trade Register Office, is submitted to public debate.

The Bill on the trade register and the statement of reasons can be also consulted on the webpage of the Ministry of Justice,, section Informații publice – Acte Normative – Proiecte în dezbatere (Public information – Normative acts – Draft normative acts in debate).

The proposals and the observations regarding the draft normative act in debate can be sent in writing to the  National Trade Register Office Bulevardul, 74 Unirii, Building J3b, District 3, Bucharest, or by fax to 021 316 08 03, or to the following e-mail addresses:,,





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