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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

July 25, 2024

Assistance services

Information note on the processing of personal data

Prior to registering in the trade register, applicants may use the assistance services offered by the trade register offices attached to the law courts.  

Assistance may be requested by filling in application for services and, where appropriate, its specific annex, consisting of the required services, the obligations of the parts, terms and charges due.

Assistance services and their associated charges are the following:

  • Prior guidance regarding legal formalities for setting up companies and changing their Articles of Association – Free
  • Guidance for correctly filling out the application of incorporation/for registration and of the specific forms regarding the activity of the trade register – Free
  • Typing up the application of incorporation/for registration – Free
  • Drawing up founders’, administrators’, authorized branch representatives’ and financial auditors’ statement of own responsibility attesting to their satisfying the legal requirements – Free
  • Drawing up the Articles of Association for legal persons that are required to register in the trade register – Charge - details: lei 162
  • Drawing up the Articles of Association for the private limited company with a sole partner – Charge  - details: lei 162
  • Drawing up the addendum or, as appropriate, the decision of the General Assembly of members or partners or shareholders/Board of Directors regarding amendments to the Articles of Association related to:
    • registered office;
    • company name or emblem;
    • company’s life;
    • legal form;
    • main field of activity and main activity;
    • object of activity or its encoding or recoding in compliance with the Order of the President of the National Institute of Statistics no. 601/2002 regarding updating the Classification of the activities of the national economy – NACE;
    • administrators and financial auditors;
    • other items of the Articles of Association (identification data, participation in profit and losses etc.);
    • admission or withdrawal of members or partners;
    • increasing or decreasing the share capital;
    • setting up or removing of secondary offices;
    • division or merger;
    • dissolution or liquidation.
  • Charge  - details: 41,60 lei + 10% for each supplementary item
  • Granting definite date for documents drawn up by the assistance departments – Charge  - details: 9,08 lei /each document


The application for registration, the documents provided for by law, filed and numbered, shall be submitted by the applicant directly at the trade register office attached to the law court, by post, with declared-value letter and notice of receipt or by electronic means. The application sent in electronic form, through the online services portal or through the electronic mail, shall have the qualified electronic signature incorporated, attached or logically associated. If the documents are sent by post, the applicant's identity document shall be attached, as a handwritten photocopy  certified by the owner regarding the conformity with the original.



This leaflet is intended to serve as a general guide to professionals regarding their obligations and the legal formalities that need to be fulfilled in order to register in the trade register.

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