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Ministry of Justice
National Trade Register Office

April 12, 2024

Quick access to free information from the EU insolvency registers NTRO, part of the project carried out by the European Commission 


Citizens and the representatives of the business environment have quick access, in Romanian, to free information regarding entities being in insolvency from seven EU member states. The service is available on the European portal e-Justice ( and has been developed under a project carried out by the European Commission, in cooperation with the insolvency registers from Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, Romania and Slovenia.

Romania, by the National Trade Register Office (NTRO), actively contributed to the creation of technical specifications and to the carrying out of the project under optimal conditions, providing the necessary resources for the operation of the interconnection.

Through the new online service, citizens, businessmen, creditors and investors, who want to carry out economic activities in the European Union, can consult and verify the situation of potential and actual business partners, quickly accessing, by a unique point, the information updated in real time.

The new functionality of the portal e-Justice allows users to obtain free information regarding debtors legal persons, as well as natural persons (in compliance with national laws), subject to insolvency proceedings, registered in the national registers of the states participating in the project.

The service provides the possibility of simple search after the debtor’s name or after other criteria, in compliance with the legal provisions on insolvency from each member state.

Through this service, the National Trade Register Office ensures the release for free of the following information regarding the companies published in the Insolvency Proceedings Bulletin: debtor’s  name, the unique fiscal identification code, registration number from the register where it is incorporated (trade register, register of agricultural companies, register of associations and foundations etc.), county, the name of the document published in the Insolvency Proceedings Bulletin, number and date of the proceeding document, number and date of the court case, court, section, the bulletin and the date of publication.

The new service is part of the transformation process of the portal in a dynamic tool, useful for citizens, practitioners from the legal field, magistrates and business environment. European Commission expects other states to become part of the project shortly, some of these have already announced their intention of interconnection.

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