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Legal information on companies

This service provides you with the right information and the necessary data on your customer, partner or competitor, enabling you to avoid troubles due to potential transactions with fictitious companies:

  • Short report on companies, including : denomination, address, number of phone/fax, legal status, single registration code, registration number in the trade register.
  • Detailed report on companies, including: identification data as well as object of activity, type of capital, registered capital, partners/shareholders, administrators, foreign direct investment, goodwill, branches/subsidiaries
  • Report on company's life
  • Information based on the annual company's ballance sheet, submitted to the trade register offices.

Statistics on companies

Based on the data in the trade register, statistics are being issued by one or more criteria, concerning:

  • incorporations, changes in statutory documents, strike-off of companies by different periods and geographical areas
  • incorporations by legal status
  • incorporations by type of company
  • identifying new partners/selection of companies by object of activity, type of company, county, registered capital, country of origin of the foreign direct investment, turnover

Based on the companies' ballance sheets submitted to the trade register offices:

  • top companies ranking by turnover, number of employees, etc.
  • classifications concerning foreign investors

All reports may be issued by country and/or by specific geographical areas.
Other statistics, based on different specific criteria, may be developped by request.

Top companies classification

Ranking of companies by various criateria, such as: issued capital, turnover, number of employees, brut/net profit, foreign direct investment, mixed criteria.

Other information on Romanian companies

  • Company's status (active, dissolution, judiciary re-organisation, bankruptcy)
  • Companies being struck-off

"RECOM online"

This service is offering online access to the central trade register data base for all Internet users interested to get legal information on companies in Romania. Online information concern company's name and contact coordinates, issued capital and associates/shareholders, branches/subsidiaries, turnover, gross profit.

How to access these services

  • by fax la nr. (+40-1) 327 55 41
  • by e-mail : onrc@onrc.ro
  • at NTRO headquarter in Bucharest, 74, Blvd. Unirii, Bl. J3b. Tr. II+III, sector 3, Information providing Office located at the ground floor.
  • by subscription to "RECOM online" service: http://recom.onrc.ro

Tariffs for services concerning providing of information

Soon to be available!